• Performance Grind/Polish 11,000 ft2 /hr (1022 m2 /hr)
  • Performance Burnishing 25,000 ft2 /hr (2322 m2 /hr)
  • Driver Size 21” (53 cm)
  • Pad Pressure 85 - 180 lb (38 - 82 kg)
  • Pad Speed Grind/Polish 1000 rpm
  • Pad Speed Burnishing 1500 rpm
  • Noise Level 89 db(A)
  • Weight 380 lb (172 kg)

420GPHD Concrete Polisher

The 420GPHD is the answer to hard floor maintenance. This propane powered floor care machines grinds, polishes, and burnishes hard floor surfaces such as concrete, marble, and terrazzo. Variable speed control (1000-1500 rpm), on board water supply, and a variety of diamond pads create an effective, efficient, and versatile system for professional building service contractors.

Powered by an 18-HP, 603 cc Kawasaki engine, the 420GPHD uses 34 percent less fuel and require 40 percent fewer oil changes than other machines in its class.

The 420GPHD comes equipped with a weight bracket for maximum head pressure as well as a dust port to accommodate a vacuum hose for dry grinding. It comes standard with a heavy-duty diamond driver for traditional 3 inch, (83 mm) diamonds. The 420GPHD comes standard with SafeStop to ensure propane safety and SAFR™ Technology to keep CO levels low even with a dirty air filter.

• Powerful 18 HP 603cc propane engine with EPSTM technology
• 7 gallon (26,5 liter) on board water supply
• Adjustable head pressure
• Grind/polish 11,000 ft2 /hr (1022 m2 /hr)
• SAFR Technology keeps emissions low even when air filter is dirty
• Eco-SenseTM emissions monitoring system
• Muffler system exceeds EPA and CARB minimum requirements
• Requires 40% FEWER oil changes than other machines in its class
• Uses 34% LESS fuel than other machines in its class
• Easy pad changes with Rok-BakTM engineering • Easy access battery service and oil changes