Carpet Cleaner Teppahreinsiefni Oxy

Carpet Cleaner Teppahreinsiefni Oxy

Kr. 1.524,00

The Crystal Cleaner Family are high performance products for the professional Encapsulation cleaning of all kinds of carpets. Our well proven low moisture Carpet Cleaner System makes carpets fiber-deep clean, guarantees the quickest drying time of all methods and cares for long-term clean and maintained carpets.

Crystal Cleaner Products have been developed especially for your individual requirements and needs. Each product is available in 1 liter bottle and 5 liter canister. These products do not cause water marks and can be used for deep cleaning and interim cleaning (accumulations of dirt or main traffic lanes).

This optimizes the re-soiling behavior of the carpet, impregnations are not endangered. The Crystal Family product works as long as the carpet is moist.

  • oxygen carpet cleaner
  • cleaning booster for heavy soiled carpets
  • before cleaning with Crystal Family/Compound spray Crystal Oxy on food and beverage stains
  • up to 30 % better cleaning results
  • RTU
  • 9 x 1 l bottle/box
  • Art.No. CC 900A