Decitex Fluid Handle

Decitex Fluid Handle

Kr. 18.939,00

Vökvaskaft frá Decitex, nú þarf ekki að draga fram gömlu fötuna þegar þarf að skúra, einfaldlega fylltu skaftið af vatni og þú ert klár í verkið. 


Fluid revolutionised the design and ergonomics of fillable handles. Its slender, elegant appearance gives it perfect balance by distributing the weight of the liquid along the handle. Fluid weighs just 600 g, a featherweight in its category! The ergonomics are well thought out by its designers, down to the smallest detail, with a rotary handle and globe to accompany the movements of the wrists. The ring opening reveals the filling aperture positioned along the handle for easy access under the tap

The coloured tripod is positioned naturally under your fingers to trigger the mechanism and release the liquid in 3 jets in front of the frame. It comes in four colours for your convenience to define the different work environments and prevent cross-contamination. Fluid’s level indicator keeps you constantly up-to-date with where you are.

Its half-litre capacity enables you to work on surfaces up to 140 m². No bucket or trolley needed. Fluid works miracles on stairs, in emergencies and in cutting-edge cleaning.

In combination with the disposable microfiber (Dispomop® and ULTIMATE Dispomop®) or short life (Dispomop® 3DULTIMATE 3D+ and ULTIMATE 3D S.Café®) mops from the DECITEX range, it is indispensable.