500 mm vinnslubreidd

5/7 l vatnstankar

2100 m²/h

~1:15 h:min



In hospitals, operating theatres and nursing homes, where people's lives depend on a sterile environment, it has become increasingly indispensable to resort to sanitization systems which guarantee higher cleaning standards.We have mounted a system of UV-C rays on the WILLMOP 50, turning it into the Ecoray version, the only vertical scrubber dryer that cleans and disinfects floors without the use of harmful chemicals.

Party like there is no cleanup today, you WillMop in no time tomorrow!!

How it works?

The wavelength C (with a frequency of 260 nm) of the UV spectrum affects the DNA of micro-organisms, destroying their cells and making reproduction impossible. In this way, micro-organisms become inactive and harmless; over time small doses of UV-C have been shown to accelerate cell death.

TSM WILLMOP Ecoray benefits:

• Eliminates bacteria, moulds for reducing the transmission of infectious diseases, and it reduces the symptoms of allergies; 
• No exposure to chemical products or disinfectants; 
• Dramatic reduction of facility downtime and cuts the costs for detergents; 
• It doesn't pollute the environment and improves air quality.

Life time UV source 9000 h
ECORAY® system power 100 microW/mm²
Brushes size 2 x 250 mm
Brush rpm 350 rpm
Brushes pressure 25 kg
Brush motor power 2 x 200 W
Squeegee width 600 mm
Water lift 890 mm H2O
Vacuum motor power (stages) 280 W
Total power 680 W
Battery charger 5/8 (100-240) A/h (V)
Max battery capacity (DIN)                 21/29 (Litio-ion) Ah/1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 600x580x1180
Weight with battery and water 35 Kg